Friday, 5 October 2012

Ongoing progress report for Episode 1

Current status: Rough translation nearly finished.Virtually. I'll call it finished for now. Second and likely third draft most likely ready later tonight.

Our competition definitely does not disappoint for speed. I anticipated this. People are finding faults with both groups, I anticipated this too. The reason for our group's existence is to provide an alternative. I'd like to thank the persons telling people to wait for us, but you are doing too good a job. I cannot promise a finished product within 24 hours, so I'm making a progress post. Don't get angry until Sunday night at least.

I just got off work as of this writing and was hoping that a .ts rip would have leaked so we could include the commercial for the "Jojoten" exhibition. Featuring an animated Josuke, Okuyasu, and Koichi. Josuke's voice is performed by Wataru Hatano and Okuyasu is I-am-99%- 49% sure Shigeru Chiba (or Wataru Takagi, because I am stupid).

We wouldn't want to release a product that's 99% complete. If in the meantime, we finish before we can find a different rip; we'll at least be able to say we tried our best with what we had. Nobody is giving up halfway through regardless of how much expectation there may be.


  1. I have faith in you! I'll gladly wait an extra day if it means good subs by guys who know and love the material, instead of ggs usual trollsubs

  2. I sent you an email. Please respond as soon as you can!
    -cardslash02, sage subs.

  3. If you just avoid obvious misattribution and grammar mistakes, which Nutbladder did not, I'm sure you subs will be great.