Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is finally a television anime

We are a small group of Jojo fans who wish to offer our efforts to subbing the Jojo series, and only that. Although it's inevitable that larger, more experienced groups will be working on the show; we wish to bring a Jojo-fan's touch to something we've waited many years for. In other words, by Jojo fans for Jojo fans.

At present, we intend to release in softsubbed mkv via torrents and with a script file offered here (more on that in another post). The script file will be up as soon as it's finalized. Links to the torrent will come when it's ready for distribution.

Please consider initial releases to be as "Version 1". If I, as translator, make a critical mistake I'll post a corrected script file (Version 1.1). Should a more experienced translator join our group and fix past scripts, their work will be included in a batch torrent once Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency each run their course.

And on that note, we are seeking an experienced translator who ideally is also a Jojo enthusiast. While we've made inquiries, no one has volunteered as of yet. An excellent grasp of English to go with their Japanese accumen is an asset; This show will have jumps in period setting as well as changes in main characters, and we hope to reflect that somewhat in the translation's grammar.
Our contact address is:

We hope our efforts will please you. Until then,

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