Sunday, 7 October 2012

(Another) progress report

Current status: Second draft of translation being written.done. Transition editing and third draft in progress.done, barring any issues with timing. Timing to commence as soon as raw is ready. Timing needs some adjusting, but the bulk of it is done. I even borrowed Rock Band 3 to get Roundabout's official lyrics. Then I returned it. All we are waiting on now, is our kind but very busy raw provider/encoder. Work raw is now being uploaded for the rest of the team. Adjustments of timing, and the actual typesetting work to start soon after. Timing done, then redone and finalized. Typesetting is going down.

I planned to make a special announcement for today, but things haven't exactly worked out the way I hoped. I can't clarify too much, but involves a hasty decision on my part that I am trying to make up for.

The translation is complete, but not finalized. I'm working a little on the raw first. Timing and typesetting are pending depending on how bad a project head I have been.

If everything goes well, it may be 24 hours before episode 1 is out (with a script out sooner). I hope some of the pressure for us to release is off, now that a release of satisfactory quality was released today by another group. At the same time, I hope people are still anticipating our efforts. We want this release to be as good as it can get.

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