Friday, 12 October 2012

Episode 1 is released


EDIT: I am sorry if you felt let-down by this. It's a 10bit release, which I'm not upset about. the unknown encoder did it that way by default. I'm not going to damage-control by saying how good it looked for me. If you can run 10bit and it looked bad enough for you to be upset, then I have failed you.

I am sorry if a small amount of British English, or the diction of some of the lines, turned you off to the script. I hoped I'd found a way to more flexibly translate by having some Victorian-era grammar to use in awkward-to-translate lines such as Erina's admonishing of Jojo's carving. This is my own gross inexperience talking. If my script made you angry about deviating from modern grammar, then I have failed you.

My typesetters did a good job, in my opinion. I'm very lucky to have had them. I also had issues at 12:31 with the typesetting on the small logo, I asked that they typeset it the same as they did the main title wordmark. At least one person had their player crash. If this was an issue, I hope it can be rectified by unchecking the "Auto-load subtitles" box in MPC's Options -> Playback; or updating xy-VSFilter. If you dropped us because of playback problems, then I have failed you.

As leader of [GetBack], I didn't expect to make everyone happy. But I wanted to make the best possible release, one worthy of archiving, even if only by a small margin. I hope everyone was not as disappointed as some.


  1. Don't worry about any problems you might be having now. The real time to shine is the BD releases. You have between now and then to really polish the script and work out things like encoding.

    Until then your release seems fine to me. Keep up the good work.

    Also, commenting on your blog is god damn ridiculously convoluted.