Saturday, 26 January 2013

COOOOwner of a Lonely Heart (episode 16)

There is an awful lot of RIPPEL BREATHAN in this episode. I have to say that I like the Ripple a lot, and how silly the breathing sounds is a part of why.
While this episode isn't beautifully animated, overdoing the stills. I don't think something like this is unjustified. After all, an episode with a lot of stationary action like climbing the most homoerotic wall of all time is a good excuse to relax your budget.

Episode 16:

As I pathetically note, episode 15 had a couple of ugly errors. I made those errors because I was rushing things again like an idiot.
So if you're still wondering why episode 2-9 isn't out yet. That. The... the contrapositive of that? Oh god, I'm glad I still remember what a contrapositive is.

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