Monday, 4 February 2013

Episode 17 - Don't call me Shirley

Considering how disgusting Esidisi's gimmick is, and I don't mean the wailing, I can't believe the blood vessels aren't at all censored. I mean, damn. Nothing else in JJBA is this creepy. Late night anime, woo.

Episode 17:

We got slow on account of a misplaced .ts and a recent schedule change not being so good a thing. I'd hate to be this slow again, releasing past Sunday night.

If "Sapone Launcher" is a change that confuses you, it's the Italian word for "soap", for which I found out "shabon" is more or less meant to be. Not "Bubble Launcher" and probably not "Soap Launcher". Shortcuts bite you in the ass. Don't take shortcuts.

I think it's also time I do some research on the ellipsis and em-dash. While I do still catch myself comma-splicing, the distinction between these two break-off practices is unclear to me still.

My volume 1 BD is still in transit. I want it to hurry up and get here already...

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