Monday, 24 December 2012

Episode 12

I don't know what the deal is, but Nyaa doesn't let me put in the URL for the group or even make a comment when I submit the torrent.

Still, we're here with episode 12. Faster than ever. Probably could've had this out 12 hours sooner if it weren't for Christmas stuff, which I should get back to.

Maybe I should throw in a few notes...

-Donovan likes talking with his tongue sticking out. There's a few phonemes, in his Japanese lines, that are messed up for it. I tried to... more or less, get the same thing down without making the lines unreadable. Pretty much just the S's.
-I was going to use "caveman" instead of "primitive man". But you might notice that Santana uses the same term, (but it'll be towards Joseph, you see), in the preview for the next episode. I wasn't sure it'd sound quite the same coming out of Santana's mouth.

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