Monday, 11 March 2013

BD Subs (not mine, though)

I haven't forgotten that a long time ago I promised to post up links to sub files directly. I've been completely lax in doing that, for a few reasons, mainly my always finding errors after I'd already proofread and released the episode.

But I'd like to offer this, at least. These are the official English subs for the BDs in a simple .srt format. Certain lines (mainly ones that were repositioned or overlapped) have had their timing interrupted, so this is not a substitute for the real thing... wait, that doesn't make any sense.

Anyway, if you have a group that's translating to another language. You may be able to use these for reference. I make lots of mistakes, and so do other groups. The official subs make a few small errors with context, and miss a few small lines. But it's a fine, professional job.

 These are the subs for the first two volumes, meaning episodes 1 through 6:

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