Saturday, 15 June 2013

More like "SetBack"

I've been waiting two months to make that joke. It's not worth it.

The offending scene above required over 22000 lines of code, making it just about necessary to hardsub the damn thing onto the video (the narrator would've covered up the bottom text, too). 2muchfun!

But are they worth the wait? They're worth *A* wait, yes. There's a few things we did that other groups didn't that we wouldn't have been able to had everything else gone smoothly.

The overall quality with these is what you can expect from the batch (which I've been retackling with renewed guts). Stammering is lowered a bad, timing reworked and such.
At any rate, preferably not so slow later... Enjoy my seedbox, if I have it set up right. OTL

Episode 25:
Episode 26:

And an update to the usual ugly .srt rips of the official BD subs:

I was hoping to have some other stuff ready, but it isn't yet. My bad.

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