Thursday, 29 November 2012

I will try to be brief about what happened

I stubbornly wanted to encode episode 2 myself, from a ts raw (which is as raw as it comes) obtained from a very kind person as a favor from an acquaintance who'd probably rather I not name them either. I have few contacts in fansubbing other than the persons I'd figuratively tapped, and the few encoders that we cold-called did not have time to spare to take on this series.

So I tried doing it solo, with some outdated tutorials. I wanted a product that looked good and had the Jojo-related commercials (the CMs for the BD release which featured stuff like Koyasu redelivering Dio lines really fast, the "Morioh" animated shorts, and possibly the figure ads... but only new CMs, no rerunning every week). Nutbladder is doing that now and reception as far as I know is mixed. It is my own fault for choosing to do this, and not just reencoding the regular raws most everyone has access to.

Then MudaMudaMuda showed up, and they were doing an even better job than Commie. I was eager to collaborate with them, since I thought our typesetters and possibly myself proofreading could add enough polish to make for a definitive JJBA group. But they are three guys who've been working comfortably together on other projects for a while, and more people (us, strangers even) would've only kept them from getting their release out fast enough to compete. They were using reencodes too so they couldn't help me with my workload, which was rapidly increasing.

The combination of all of the above has made me stop trying to encode episode 2. We are now setting our sights on the uncensored Blu-Ray home release. All three episodes from volume 1 are already long-translated. Assuming the official english subs on the BD are satisfactory, my own will be attached as a secondary (tertiary?) track. Encoding for BD is another can of worms altogether, but at least I have another two months to try.

Thank you, to everyone (including SundayMorningRunnerFag) who's been holding a torch for us. Not to mention my typesetters for their patience. Please support MMM, whose non-JJBA work I've also enjoyed.


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